ACDA | Innovators in Content Delivery and Consumer Experience

As a working community within DEG, the Advanced Content Delivery Alliance is committed to using current innovations in technology to improve content delivery and enable better consumer experience.

ACDA seeks to create opportunities for the industry to collaboratively explore ways to improve its content delivery infrastructure, in service of workflow efficiencies, cost savings and ultimately, better quality content and consumer experience, at a time when the global volume of content created is growing rapidly.

The ACDA has established Committees to set objectives and agendas
in the following areas:

Localization Committee

The Committee works on best practices to provide consumers with high-quality entertainment in their native language and cultural context and add value to key elements of the localization strategy, beginning with a standard definition of quality. The committee meets monthly.

Kacy Boccumini, Co-Chair
DCS Systems and Workflow – Distribution Workflow
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Josh Pine, Co-Chair
Chief Revenue Officer

Current subcommittees are: Creative Workstream, Vanessa Lecomte, BBC Studios | Culture Workstream, Kacy Boccumini, Sony Pictures Entertainment | Localization Workflow, Silviu Epure, Blu Digital Group | Synthetic Media, Anna Bulakh, Respeecher | Technical Workstream, Craig Seidel, Pixelogic

Localization Resources

Non-Binary Pronoun and Conjugation Reference Guide

The Reference Guide is a living document. Please email if you have any updates.

More Resources Coming Soon

Security & Efficiency Committee

The Committee seeks to address obstructions within workflows due to the narrowing of windows, additional post work required for the home entertainment window, security challenges, and the threat landscape brought on by pirates. The committee meets only a few times a year as the work is being done within the subcommittees.

Craig Seidel, Co-Chair
Chief Technical Officer

Paul Charron, Co-Chair
Operations Program Manager

Current subcommittees are: 2030 Vision Subcommittee, Paul Charron, Google, and Craig Seidel, Pixelogic | API Subcommittee, Jude Fitzmorris, Amazon Prime | Artwork Subcommittee, Annie Chang, Sony Pictures Entertainment | Catalog Restoration Cleanup, Daniela Bocchetti, IDC-LA | Understanding Security Architecture within the 2030 Vision, Kim Wendt, AWS

Security and Efficiency Resources

The 2030 Vision Subcommittee produced its first white paper. Download it below.

Applying the MovieLabs 2030 Vision to Distribution

Security Resources

View more videos on the Security Resources Page by clicking on the link.


DEG Charter members are invited to join the Steering Committee.

aCDA Steering Committe

The ACDA Steering Committee sets the agenda for the subcommittees, with topics covering cloud edge computing, 5G, content licensing, tech/ops, international expansion/localization, and security and piracy. (See roster of companies represented on the steering committee at left.)

ACDA Board Representative

Kejo Archer
Sr. Director Global Content Servicing & Solutions
Warner Bros. Discovery

ACDA Formed at a Time of Industry Transition

A factor in the formation of ACDA was an internal analysis that showed the largest percentage of DEG members were not content owners or platforms, DEG’s traditional base, but technology enablers, making up 38% of member companies at the time. DEG saw an opening to provide its brand of customized member care to these companies who were gravitating to DEG to make connections in the larger community at a time of industry growth and transition.

DEG Regular and Associate level members are invited to participate on the Subcommittees and are encouraged to submit ideas for issues to be addressed.

For more information, please email Bekah Sturm (