Comcast’s ‘Peacock’ Becomes Latest Entrant in Streaming Scramble [WSJ]

Comcast’s ‘Peacock’ Becomes Latest Entrant in Streaming Scramble [WSJ]

By Joe Flint

September 17, 2019 | Comcast Corp.’s new streaming service, called “Peacock,” will debut in April with a slate of original programming featuring stars like Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore, in addition to exclusive streaming rights to popular NBC staples from “Parks and Recreation” to “The Office.”

Because Comcast is the nation’s largest cable operator, it needs to balance its desire to create a consumer-friendly streaming service without undercutting its core pay-TV business or alienating other pay-TV operators that carry its various networks including NBC, CNBC, MSNBC and USA. In an effort to navigate these choppy waters, Peacock is expected to be available free to Comcast’s more than 21 million cable subscribers in the U.S.

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