Content Delivery In the Time of COVID-19 – See the Presentation Decks From Our Inaugural DEG Expo

Content Delivery In the Time of COVID-19 – See the Presentation Decks From Our Inaugural DEG Expo

April 16, 2020 | Jim Wuthrich, president of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Games, led off DEG’s first Expo virtual conference by telling attendees that home entertainment transactional spending took a dramatic growth turn as people began to shelter at home in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


“Leading up to that period, home entertainment spending overall from a transactional standpoint was down about 5  in total consumer spend,” Wuthrich said. “Since March 14, that mid-March time frame, home entertainment transactional spending is now up 38%.”  The growth took off in triple-digit percentages as the pandemic measures took effect.

“Our digital sellthrough business as an industry — which we call EST here at Warner Bros. — it’s been up over 100% each week since safer at home began.”

Read the full report of Wuthrich’s remarks on Media Play News.

The other inaugural DEG Expo speakers also addressed trends in home entertainment, including content consumption, device sales and windows, since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis.

Reconciling Hardware Availability with Consumer Content Demand | Paul Gluckman, Managing Editor, CE Daily

In this presentation, CE Daily’s Paul Gluckman examines recent home broadband usage and digital entertainment viewing trends; sales of connectivity products including smartphones, laptops and TVs; the instability of the global supply chain for consumer electronics products; and what TV manufacturers are doing to support and update older models.  See the full deck.




Connecting with Consumers to Surface the Right Content During Massive Social Shifts | Carol Hanley, Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer, Whip Media Group

Whip Media Group’s Carol Hanley goes inside not just how much entertainment consumers are watching as they stay safer at home, but also what they’re watching, why they’re watching, and the shift to the TV for viewing. Streaming companies are poised to benefit, she posits, if they make smart content choices, with programming choices positioned to capitalize on consumer sentiment.  See the full deck.




Theatres Provide a Foundation for Digital Distribution | Patrick Corcoran, VP & Chief Communications Officer, National Assoc. of Theatre Owners (NATO)

NATO’s Patrick Corcoran makes the case that increasing the ratio of home release window to theatrical run has a positive impact on home sales. He cites an Ernst & Young study for NATO showing that a one percentage point increase in home release window length to theatrical run ratio increases the home sales by $56,000. See the full deck. 



Using Sound to Enhance the Audience’s Experience at Home | Iris Wu, Founder, Ambidio

Iris Wu of Ambidio talked about, and demonstrated, her company’s technology for bringing immersive sound to all our content experiences by creating surround sound-like experiences using the built-in speakers found in personal/mobile devices. To get the full deck and details of Ambidio’s COVID-19 Supporting Program, email





The next DEG EXPO will take place Thursday, April 30,
covering Innovation in the Cloud.