Could Fiber Save Netflix? [NextTV]

Could Fiber Save Netflix? [NextTV]

(ABOVE) Cable Fibers


By Mike Farrell

May 13, 2022 | After Netflix’s disappointing first quarter — and another one due on the horizon — a general sense of panic that streaming video may not be what unseats traditional pay TV from its throne has enveloped the entire industry over the past few months. Wouldn’t it be an actual hoot if what saves Netflix and its broadband-delivered brethren ends up being something as mundane and dumb-pipe-like as fiber deployment?

Netflix said back in April that it lost about 200,000 global subscribers, its first quarterly loss ever, adding that it could lose another 2.5 million in Q2. At the same time cable and telcos are furiously building out fiber networks, fixed wireless access and 5G offerings across the country to close the broadband gap, mainly in rural markets.

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