CTAM: When It Comes to IoT, May the Best Enabler Win

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CTAM: When It Comes to IoT, May the Best Enabler Win

Early Adopters Customize IoT to Suit their Needs

August 6, 2018 | Technology is playing a crucial role in how consumers are evolving. As technology advances, consumers are continuing to change how they integrate and adopt the resulting advancements. Staying relevant requires being informed and responsive to consumers’ behavior, preferences, expectations and aspirations.

Vicki Lins | CTAM

With that in mind, CTAM commissioned a first-of-its kind study looking at the changing behavior, preferences, expectations and aspirations of the connected consumer. The study, conducted by research consultancy Magid, revealed that smart home technologies, wireless home security monitoring, customizable experiences, and a vast array of ways to access content are captivating consumers.

We interviewed more than 100 “Internet of Things” (IoT) early adopter and prospect consumers, across 15 focus groups and nine in-home ethnographies.

We found early adopters are both demanding and forgiving when it comes to Smart Home technologies; they’re able and eager to figure out customized solutions and empowered to make these solutions work for them.



CTAM discovered nine core implications from the early adopter and prospect consumers:

A provider who enables consumers’ first successful smart solutions will earn trust, confidence, and delight.

Consumers are currently motivated by quick, easy wins, such as time savings through convenience and money savings through programming and monitoring.

Consumers yearn most for solutions that will anticipate and automatically handle every day and repetitive tasks, freeing them up for the activities and experiences they enjoy most.

Social media is considered a viable platform for long-form video viewing.

Password sharing and access to impermissible content will continue to occur as widely adopted solutions are shut down.

Smart solutions have tremendous potential in addressing the need for elder care and providing support for renters.

Many smart home prospects are held back by rental situations, but still have a desire to benefit from these developments.

Smart and connected technologies have the potential to deliver many high-impact solutions beyond locks, lights and entertainment.

 The best enabler will win.

At CTAM, we believe that connectivity has the power to transform lives. So, we unite leaders in media, entertainment and technology to enrich the world through exciting experiences – from what we watch and how we communicate to the way we live and work.

Vicki Lins is President & CEO
of CTAM: Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing .
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