Curated Hubs Increasingly Key for Content Discovery [Stream TV Insider]

Curated Hubs Increasingly Key for Content Discovery [Stream TV Insider]


August 1, 2023 | The era of streaming continues on a track of fragmentation, and recent Horowitz Research found consumers are increasingly looking to curated content hubs to sift through the extensive programming options.

Within streaming services, content hubs are collections of shows and films specifically curated into categories that may be based on genre, popularity, release date, or watch history; but they may also be organized by cultural relevance, such as sections highlighting Black voices and stories, or language — like Roku’s Spanish language hub.
Horowitz’s latest research, The Full State of Media, Entertainment, and Tech Volume II: Viewing Behaviors 2023, found 8 in 10 streamers use these hubs “at least occasionally.”

Culturally relevant content collections also continue to resonate strongly, according to the report. Horowitz found 80% of Black streamers reported using Black content collections or hubs at least occasionally, 65% of Asian streamers used Asian collections, and 59% of Latinx streamers reported using Latinx hubs. And the use of these hubs is even higher in Asian and Latinx communities that are less acculturated, rising to 77% and 78% respectively — further indicating languages’ influence on using this method of finding content.

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