D2C Alliance

D2C Alliance | The Global Voice of a New Industry

As a working community within DEG – the leading nonprofit association for the home entertainment industry supported by leading media and technology companies – the D2C Alliance represents the global D2C industry and supports its members to help create a robust marketplace to lead the new era of content consumption.

D2C Alliance Mission

Convene the industry to tackle difficult challenges and coordinate voluntary best practices and initiatives.

Advocate for the industry by presenting a common front to the commercial community.

Promote member channels through campaigns aimed at building awareness among consumers, as well as through industry-leading events.

The D2C Alliance has established Committees to set objectives and agendas
in the following areas:

DTC Targeted Services

The Committee set out to identify common challenges to consumer adoption of targeted services by commissioning a research survey from SmithGeiger. This action supports key goals of the Alliance, including collecting and sharing consumer data, understanding consumer motivation and behavior, and aligning on consumer messaging.

 TV & Connected Devices

Working from the position that the connected TV (CTV) platform is the next frontier in the evolution of entertainment programming from linear to streaming, and that hardware experience is quickly growing to rival hardware innovation in importance to consumers, the committee is seeking insight into where users are engaging most to illuminate the challenges and opportunities for device makers and streamers.

In Q4 2023 members of DEG’s TV & Connected Devices committee commissioned a research project with member company ScreenEngine/ASI to better understand consumer engagement with Smart TV OS platforms. Surveying consumers who already use a Smart OS device, the study looked at how viewers are navigating the home screen and how they are finding and using content. It analyzed age groups considered heavier users to represent the most diverse opinions possible. Key highlights representing Device Ownership & Usage, Viewership Journey – Most Recent, Device Experience & Satisfaction, and Household Entertainment and Media Behaviors can be found here.

Join DEG’s D2C Alliance

DEG Charter members are invited to join the Steering Committee.

D2CA Steering Logo Farm 6.21.24

The D2CA Steering Committee sets the agenda for the subcommittees. (See roster of companies represented on the steering committee at left.)


Matt Strauss
Chairman, Direct-to-Consumer and International (Peacock)
NBCUniversal Media

DEG Regular and Associate level members are invited to participate on the Subcommittees and are encouraged to submit ideas for issues to be addressed.

For more information, or to join, please email Jean Levicki (Jean@degonline.org).