DEG Welcomes IDC LA as a New Member | Meet Rosanna Marino, Chief Operating Officer

DEG Welcomes IDC LA as a New Member | Meet Rosanna Marino, Chief Operating Officer

June 26, 2024 | DEG welcomes IDC LA as a new member. International Digital Centre (IDC) is a creative post-production, digital media processing and localization company with facilities in Hollywood, Calif. and New York. Founded in 1988, IDC has specialized in the creation of high-quality content for global distribution in every language and format. Its forward-thinking workflows, custom technologies, and cutting-edge digital intermediate (DI) theatre make it a leading force in post-production. It is a woman-owned company, with founder Marcy Gilbert at the helm as President and CEO.

DEG caught up with Rosanna Marino, Chief Operating Officer, about the industry’s heightened demand for catalog restoration and monetization, the role AI can play, and how opportunities have evolved for women in entertainment technology.

DEG: How have you seen the opportunities for women in entertainment technology change over the course of your career?
RM: I feel that women really took interest in technology and embraced this industry. Hard work, good ethics, and being a team player is the key to success in any business, as a man or a woman. Women used to have to prove themselves and accommodate others to navigate in this male-driven  industry, however, that is not the case any longer. Male or female, we have the same opportunities.

DEG: IDC LA is a multi-faceted company working in supply chain services such as catalog restoration and localization. What are your key areas of focus for 2024?
RM: IDC LA is a full end-to-end post facility. We have a Barco DCI-compliant projector for theatrical or home entertainment, and we have full color correction capabilities including Dolby Vision, as well as sound design, recording and mixing capabilities including automated dialogue replacement (ADR), dubbing, AD in Protools and a Dolby Atmos suite for home entertainment mixing. In addition, we offer new technology services, as well as mastering services, supply chain, and all scripting, localization, metadata and archiving services.

DEG: There is a heightened demand for catalog content restoration and monetization in the industry right now. When restoring catalog content, how important is it to “future proof” it, and how is this achieved?
RM: With content owners focusing on monetizing from their library/catalog content, we at IDC LA are perfectly positioned to support high volume, fast turnaround with minimal to no rejection rate with the workflows, tools and our team’s skillset to support our clients’ needs.

DEG: In what parts of IDC’s business are you expecting AI to begin making an impact first? (Or where is it already having an impact?)
RM: AI and machine learning are helpful for the small, time-consuming steps that can help expedite the work and to ensure we can complete high volume in a faster timeline in our workflows. We are big believers of QC and final human eyes to check everything before it’s delivered. 

DEG: What are you watching for fun right now?
RM: The Gentlemen, Anyone but You, Part 2 of season 3 of Bridgerton; Thank You, Next; Destined With You.


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