DEG Welcomes IRIS.TV as a New Member: Meet CEO Field Garthwaite

DEG Welcomes IRIS.TV as a New Member: Meet CEO Field Garthwaite

Field Garthwaite (ABOVE) says that IRIS.TV will help increase the value of video content and improve user experience across platforms.

December 15, 2021 | DEG welcomes IRIS.TV as a new member. IRIS.TV’s video data platform is a neutral, privacy-first, cookieless solution that provides publishers, broadcasters and connected TV apps with secure onboarding and activation of third-party data segments. Since 2013, IRIS.TV has enabled its partners to build scalable solutions on top of its platform, including video-level contextual and brand-safe ad targeting, third-party verification, personalized video recommendations, and measurement and analytics solutions.

DEG sat down with Field Garthwaite, the company’s Co-founder and CEO, to discuss the future growth of connected TV and key points about IRIS.TV’s mission.

DEG: Why are you so optimistic about the future growth of connected TV?

FG: Content transparency is an industry-wide initiative that is being prioritized by buyers and sellers alike.

The rapid growth of ad-supported streaming has made the industry more motivated than ever to align the reach of linear TV and the performance of digital advertising.

There’s no doubt that the marketplace is fragmented with respect to data, and fragmentation is both a challenge and an opportunity as viewers watch what they want where they want it. Video-level data is the one signal that can be leveraged across all video buying channels and will be a part of all media plans, just as it is in search, display, and TV. At IRIS.TV, we’re really excited to be part of this evolution as we convert TV shows, movies, and videos into video-level data at the show and pod level so this data can be easily transacted upon for targeting and measurement.

DEG: Give us the “elevator pitch.” What are the most important points you would like other DEG members to understand about IRIS.TV?

FG: Video is the most engaging storytelling experience, but as viewers we all know that the ad experience can be a lot better. We have all experienced seeing the same ads over and over or being exposed to an ad that is completely irrelevant to us. At the same time, advertisers really don’t know where their ads are running and they cannot guarantee safety or suitability in new mediums like connected TV. IRIS.TV solves this problem for advertisers, publishers, and viewers by providing video-level contextual data that helps the right ads reach the right people at the right time. What we watch tells us a lot about the way we feel and what we are interested in and it is proven to increase recall and sales for marketers. Reaching people at the right moment in a way that is privacy-compliant is essential for marketers and publishers. IRIS.TV’s video data platform enables advertisers to guarantee the safety and suitability of their ad campaigns using contextual targeting. For viewers, it means the ads we see are more relevant while generating more revenue for both publishers and marketers.

DEG: What do you enjoy most about your job?

FG: For me, it is the team and our customers. It’s incredibly fulfilling to work with a world-class team, our customers and partners to bring new products to market. Every individual at IRIS.TV is increasing the value of video content and making a better user experience across platforms. It’s a fun job because it impacts consumers, publishers, and marketers. No single company can solve industry-wide challenges, and that’s especially true for a data business, so our partners have become essential for our success. Every day we focus on making our customers’ and partners’ jobs easier, and that makes some of the hard work more enjoyable.

Since 2013, our team has built thousands of API integrations across the video streaming, adtech and martech ecosystems. We did this work initially to build the best video recommender API on the web for publishers. That product is trusted today by many of the largest video streaming platforms. Fast forward and we’ve expanded our API integrations to provide universal access to video-level contextual data. Our content identifier, the IRIS_ID, now generates far more value for publishers and broadcasters from the same API. We have a lot more in development and it is all designed with our customers in mind. That’s why we’re excited to be part of DEG, to help content owners derive more value from their catalogs and new content investments.

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