DEG Welcomes NAGRA as a New Member: Meet Ken Gerstein, VP Sales NAGRA Anti-Piracy

DEG Welcomes NAGRA as a New Member: Meet Ken Gerstein, VP Sales NAGRA Anti-Piracy

Ken Gerstein (above)  enjoys working with partners who are as excited about content as he is.

May 14, 2021 | DEG welcomes NAGRA-Kudelski Group as a new member.  NAGRA, the digital TV division of the Kudelski Group, is a leading independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions. NAGRA has been working with the world’s service providers and content owners for more than 25 years, providing solutions in the areas of content and revenue security, anti-piracy services, streaming and over-the-top, data analytics, as well as cybersecurity and IoT.  The company began supplying recorders for radio in the 1950s and made its entry into film in the 1960s, when its famous portable recorders were used by Francis Ford Coppola to capture the harrowing sounds of war in the 1979 release of “Apocalypse Now”. The technology created by the company has won multiple awards from the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 

DEG caught up with Ken Gerstein,  the company’s Los Angeles-based VP Sales, NAGRA Anti-Piracy, to ask him about the company’s priorities.

DEG: What’s the most pressing security issue facing your clients in 2021?
The growth of OTT and new D2C services has created new opportunities for pirates to remain hard to find and mobile while illicitly restreaming valuable TV and film content.   All of the players in this ecosystem need to work together to find more effective policies and technology to reduce the impact on their business.  And the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the piracy problem even further: with more people at home, pirates are taking advantage of this increased demand for content with sophisticated services that lure the often unknowing consumer. It has never been more critical to safeguard investments in premium content, protect revenues and keep consumers in the legitimate value chain.

DEG: What is it that you most enjoy about working with partners in media & entertainment?
Being part of the complex value-chain of partners creating and delivering content to audiences in every corner of the world continues to be a thrilling ride.  Whenever I step back and put my “audience” hat on, I’m overwhelmed by so much amazing content to choose from.  The best picks generate a shared experience, sparking conversations or laughter among friends and family.  Or sometimes it’s just that collective “Wow!” when something amazing surprises us.   Then I realize all the partners I work with – they are just as excited about content as I am.

DEG: What is it that you DEG members might not understand about the company that you want them to know?
The Kudelski Group has been innovating  beyond traditional M&E security products services with new products and services from cybersecurity and IoT business units.  This is yielding amazing synergies with NAGRA’s content protection and anti-piracy technologies in the digital TV space.   We are applying AI and analytics in new ways to be more effective in combatting complex global piracy networks.  It’s been really exciting to see how our investigators and analysts are connecting the dots.   On behalf of our clients, we are expanding our efforts to protect revenue into a revenue generation strategies.   Through persistence and partners, we believe we help recover market share and reverse impact that global piracy has on our industry.

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