DEG Welcomes Visual Data Media Services as a New Member: Meet Simon Constable, SVP Global Language Services

DEG Welcomes Visual Data Media Services as a New Member: Meet Simon Constable, SVP Global Language Services

Simon Constable (ABOVE) says that as a large service provider Visual Data tries to provide the same level of customer service that it did as a small operation.

December 7, 2021 | DEG welcomes Visual Data Media Services as a new member. Visual Data Media Services is a global provider of end-to-end digital media supply chain services to the entertainment industry with locations in Burbank, Calif.; London; and Bangalore, India. For over 26 years, the company has supplied award-winning, quality-driven content management, distribution, localization and media services that enable customers to deliver premium content in any format for any screen or platform, anywhere in the world. 

DEG caught up with Simon Constable, the company’s Los Angeles-based SVP Global Language Services to ask about the increased demand for localization and the future of the digital media supply chain.  

DEG:  How is the increased demand for localization services impacting VDMS’ business?

SC: The growth of both originals and catalog content has created a clear demand for language servicing, and the impact is being felt across the entire media supply chain. Visual Data has, for many years, managed our localization services using our connected platform technology, so responding to increased requirements globally, quickly and with scale has been seamless. Thankfully, our investment in cloud technology put us in a great position to scale up quickly, so we’ve been able to support clients’ requirements and at the same time focus on the quality viewers expect. Our international partnership network with dubbing and audio description studios is flourishing and this is an area we will continue to invest in.

DEG: What will be the next transformative technology after cloud to impact the digital media supply chain? 

SC: AI. We are focusing on further developing our AI and cloud-based solutions across all service areas and expanding our footprint to meet global demand for remastering and content distribution. We are continuing to scale services like Matchmaker, which offers clients a unique cloud hybrid AI scene-matching solution for remastering. We have also deeply invested in building out our cloud-native, AI-supported content management operations platform, to support greater connectivity and simplicity inasset management for our clients.   

DEG: If you could make one point about Visual Data Media Services to the DEG membership, what would it be?  

SC:  Visual Data has grown over the past 26 years into a globally recognized end-to-end media solutions provider, but the company has never lost sight of its commitment to providing the same superior customer experience it did when it was a small operation. Our commitment to service drives every aspect of what we do – from culture to innovation – and even as we continue to grow we do so with this core value as our foundation.    

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