DEG Welcomes XL8 Inc. as a New Member: Meet Josh Pine, Chief Revenue Officer

DEG Welcomes XL8 Inc. as a New Member: Meet Josh Pine, Chief Revenue Officer

June 10, 2022 | DEG welcomes XL8 Inc. as a new member. Founded in the heart of Silicon Valley by ex-Google and ex-Apple computer science executives, XL8 strives to advance AI machine translation for media content to the next level. After a small initial investment by a strategic M&E partner, XL8 has since expanded operations through a VC start-up accelerator program. The company’s focus includes top language service providers (LSPs), remote simultaneous interpreting platforms (RSIs), live event and broadcast platforms, global film studios,  edtech and the fast-growing global direct-to-consumer media market, including subscription, FAST and AVOD platforms.

DEG recently connected with Josh Pine, XL8’s Chief Revenue Officer, to discuss the company’s goal of transforming the global translation and localization market “one character at a time.”

Josh Pine

DEG: Give us the “elevator pitch” for XL8 – what sets it apart from other machine translation technologies and services?
JP: We built our MT engine from the ground up, specifically trained for media and entertainment content.  It’s not diluted with content and lingo from other translation categories and services like the mass market machine translators out there.  They are built for the mass market, we are purpose- built for media and entertainment content.  XL8 was founded by a Columbia University PHD in computer science, who went on to run Google Transale for four years, so we kind of know the secret sauce and how to make a better M&E-based product.

DEG: The demand for localization services has grown like wildfire in the last couple of years and the growth shows no sign of abating. How can machine translation help clear the logjam the industry is currently experiencing?
JP: If there’s one good thing that came out of COVID (I know a bit weird to say that), it’s that the world has realized there’s great content to be consumed from all corners of the globe.  It used to be that 80 percent of localization was from English to other languages, but that paradigm is flipping quickly.  At the end of the day, there only a finite number of human beings on this planet, and an even more limited number of human beings capable of doing quality translations.  Therefore, the only way to both keep up with demand, and actually grow our collective industry, is to embrace new technologies like AI Machine Translation. As opposed to taking days to translate two hours of media content, we can now do it in less than real time, and translate from the source simultaneously into multiple languages without adding any extra time to the process.

DEG: Strictly as a consumer, what’s your favorite content originating outside the U.S.?
I’m not a good one to talk to, as I’m a sports junkie, and I’ll watch sports from all over the world. Which, by the way, we can translate, subtitle and dub in nearly real-time, in multiple languages. (Plug!)


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