Deluxe: A New Era of Entertainment Calls for a New Era of Entertainment Technology

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Deluxe: A New Era of Entertainment Calls for a New Era of Entertainment Technology

For the entirety of its history, watchable content has been confined. Boxed in the borders of a television, walled off behind a subscription fee, and tethered to the wall. Now, content is truly borderless.

Morgan Fiumi of Deluxe

Morgan Fiumi | Deluxe

Today, content fits every screen, travels to every region, and is available at any time. And there are no signs of this slowing down. With the proliferation of streaming services launching internationally, like Netflix’s 190-country, 20+ language global footprint, we find an industry racing outward, having to create content for a global audience and get it to them faster than ever before. At the same time, video standards are continuing to advance–4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, etc., all of which add to the increasing complexity of creating and distributing content today.

More content going more places means that there’s more complexity in managing it all. The content supply chain is increasingly fragmented, with more endpoints demanding faster turnarounds. Success in this new age of storytelling requires a strategic transformation of technology that connects the stages of the content supply chain, giving creators and distributors greater transparency and control so they can reduce the number of vendors, steps, and time it takes to get their content to audiences.

Deluxe has long been a part of how premium content gets created and distributed and we’ve identified issue areas ripe for innovation in a rapidly evolving industry:

  • The content supply chain is opaque: Most consumer goods delivery offers real time tracking, but this isn’t the case for content. Creators and distributors need global visibility into their assets, avails and localized content to make smarter and quicker decisions about where their content is and where it should be.
  • Data is scattered: With more content than ever before, there’s more data than ever before, but it lives in a lot of different places, making it difficult to capture and analyze. There’s also no agreed upon standardization of data necessary to create efficiencies and drive informed decision-making.
  • Solutions are closed silos: A lot of proposed end-to-end solutions are “one vendor fits all” in a market that has always relied on the power of collaboration and is moving toward further decentralization.

We had all of this in mind when we developed Deluxe One, which we launched today at NAB. A cloud-based platform that unifies every stage of the media life cycle, Deluxe One is built for how content is created and distributed today.  The platform simplifies workflows – from creation all the way through to delivery – offering full visibility into assets and projects, along with access to all your data—metadata and downstream data—at all times.

At a time when technology has democratized content, we wanted to make Deluxe’s services more accessible to content owners large and small. But we could not ignore the fact that this industry was built on collaboration, so we built Deluxe One to be open to all. Deluxe One can plug into a customer’s own workflow via a robust API that can also be used to sync our partners or preferred vendors to the platform.

To not only survive, but succeed in this new entertainment landscape, requires a real technological evolution with solutions that are data-driven, can rapidly scale with consumer demand, and allow for continued collaboration across the entire media lifecycle.


Morgan Fiumi is Chief Innovation Officer of Deluxe.

For more information on Deluxe One and how to see it at NAB, click here.

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