Disney Tries Mixing Streaming With Shopping [New York Times]

Disney Tries Mixing Streaming With Shopping [New York Times]


November 1, 2022 | Can shopping make Disney+ even more of a must-have streaming service?

The Walt Disney Company announced on Tuesday that it would begin a “limited test” to determine the viability of selling themed merchandise alongside certain Disney+ shows and films. Until next Tuesday, Disney+ subscribers will have exclusive access to a smattering of new products tied to franchises like “Star Wars,” “Black Panther” and “Frozen.” The items include light saber collectibles ($250 to $400) and themed clothing ($27 to $100) that will go on sale in regular retail stores next week.

The shopping option is available only on Disney+ profiles in the United States that have been verified as belonging to users who are 18 and older. The number of Disney+ subscribers in the United States is not known; Disney has said the service has about 45 million customers in North America.

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