See EnTech Fest’s In-Car Entertainment Gallery and Other Featured Exhibitors

See EnTech Fest’s In-Car Entertainment Gallery and Other Featured Exhibitors

(Above) Photo Source: SWR/Patricia Neligan


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EnTech Insights is an efficient 30-minute presentation that will share knowledge and perspective from three thought-leading DEG Members: Deloitte LLP, The NPD Group and Whip Media.

The presentation will repeat four times throughout the day at EnTech Fest.

Wednesday, May 4 @ 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM and 4 PM


Deloitte LLP Kevin Downs, Deloitte LLP

Is Streaming Video Enough for the Modern Era?

How have changes in consumer preferences and expectations created challenges for streaming platforms? How are video games and the promise of the metaverse reshaping media and entertainment? And how are social media platforms driving discovery and influencing consumer decisions? We’ll share findings from Deloitte’s 16th edition of the Digital Media Trends survey, which explores significant shifts in consumer behavior across social media, gaming, streaming video, and more.

Presenter: Kevin Downs, US Telecom, Media & Entertainment Sector Specialist, Deloitte LLP


The NPD Group Elizabeth Lafontaine, Director, Industry Analyst, The NPD Group

Key Entertainment Trends Shaping 2022

Join NPD Industry Analyst Elizabeth LaFontaine for a look at media trends shaping the entertainment ecosystem. Using data from NPD’s TV Switching Study and Subscription Video Track service, Elizabeth will explore U.S. viewing habits and engagement, what’s fueling growth, and the viewership outlook for 2022. This session also provides new insights on the entertainment industry impact of the return to experiential spending, based on our latest data and Elizabeth’s deep industry expertise.

Presenter: Elizabeth Lafontaine, Director, Industry Analyst, The NPD Group


Whip Media Vince Muscarella Whip Media

The New World of Gaming IP: The Next Wave In Content Development For Streamers 

Video game IP has become an important new battleground as organizations like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Paramount+ and other streamers are putting into production various video game adaptations to capitalize on those fan bases and create new evergreen franchises.

Kortney KessesWhip went straight to the source and tapped the users of its Webby Award-winning TV Time consumer app. Gauging audience anticipation for gaming-based films and series, and contextualizing performance of recent OTT releases, Whip Media will present its findings on how audiences have received these game-based spin-offs and what consumers are excited about as gaming IP makes its mark in Hollywood.

Presenters: Vince Muscarella, VP Sales, and Kortney Kesses, Senior Manager, Customer Success, Whip Media



Blu Digital Group

Blu Digital Group is a media technology company that offers automated cloud-based solutions for digital media workflows as well as end-to-end services such as mastering, localization, QC, packaging, and delivery. Visit Blu Digital Group to get hands on demonstrations of its cloud software solutions for digital media workflows around project management, ad marking technology, cloud-based video playback and online editing and transcoding.



Technology and exclusivity in a new dimension. Experience the all-new BMW 7 Series Full-Size Luxury Sedan with its in-car entertainment of the future. The BMW Theater Screen with a built-in 31-inch ultra-wide display with resolution up to 8K turns the vehicle into a cinema lounge.

See BMW in the EnTech In-Car Entertainment Gallery.



Charisma powers digital humans. Using cutting edge AI and natural language processing, this allows virtual characters to speak directly to audiences, and for the users to be inside the story itself and speak directly back, influencing the characters’ emotions, behavior and the overall interactive narrative.

Charisma will be showing its AI-powered storytelling platform that creates interactive experiences from virtual production assets and Metahumans, plus the work it has been doing with Warner Bros, Sky, Epic Games and others. Charisma will be doing exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ demonstrations of how AI is accelerating interactive production pipelines and powering the next generation of AI-powered immersive entertainment.



The CtrlMovie ecosystem is a one-stop-shop for interactive content. Through CtrlMovie’s proprietary writing and reading tools, as well as its editorial and delivery software, CtrlMovie gives filmmakers and content creators a complete toolset to tell branched narrative stories in a truly cinematic way.  For the first time in history, CtrlMovie makes interactive content creation and distribution easy.

CtrlMovie is one of EnTech’s Startup Alley exhibitors.



Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Deepdub brings innovative solutions to the dubbing industry. Deepdub’s platform is leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. In addition to features like preserving the attributes of the original voice in the target languages, Deepdub’s computerized process allows for faster turnaround times, cost efficiencies and an overall headache-free dubbing process. A few months ago the company introduced to the world the first ever full-length feature film entirely dubbed by AI. The company is also working on dubbing dozens of TV titles from foreign languages such as Swedish, Danish, German, Italian and more into English, which will be broadcast to American audiences starting this summer.

Join Deepdub at its booth for demos of its innovative dubbing solution and early screenings of dubbed content.
Deepdub is one of EnTech’s Startup Alley exhibitors.



DeepMedia is the world’s leading AI-powered localization company. By combining universal translation, vocal synthesis, and lip reanimation technology, DeepMedia can quickly globalize any form of media. DeepMedia’s groundbreaking localization products are built by the world’s leading machine learning engineers, visual effects artists, and linguistic experts to provide companies with mind-blowing, scalable localization solutions.

For more information about DeepMedia’s services, contact us at
DeepMedia is one of EnTech’s Startup Alley exhibitors.



Dolby is excited to be extending Dolby Atmos immersive audio to automotive!

At EnTech Fest, you will be able to listen to the ultimate in-car immersive audio experience with podcast and music content. Hear and feel sounds from all directions, even overhead. Dolby Atmos adds more space, clarity, and depth and now fans can enjoy content that matches an artist’s original vision in the studio while on the go in their cars.
We hear the world in three dimensions, and with Dolby Atmos, that is now true of in-car audio entertainment as well.

See Dolby in the EnTech In-Car Entertainment Gallery.



Xperi’s Connected Car technologies from DTS and HD Radio invite you to experience their DTS AutoStage implementation in the Mercedes-Benz MBUX futuristic dash.

Photo Source: SWR/Patricia Neligan

DTS AutoStage establishes a new frontier for in-cabin entertainment via an innovative approach that pairs over the air broadcast with internet-delivered metadata to offer next-gen infotainment that is visually rich, engaging, and safe.

Building on decades of automotive partnerships, DTS AutoStage takes a content-first approach. See firsthand how Xperi’s Connected Car technologies from DTS and HD Radio are leveraging the car as a unique environment for consumption of radio, audio, and video content and changing the paradigm for what the personalized dash should look like, matching customer expectations for the rapidly evolving connected car.

Available from DTS as part of the DEG EnTech In-Car Entertainment Gallery.



Evercoast is a leading volumetric video platform, offering an end-to-end solution for high quality, cost-effective capture, processing, and delivery of 3D volumetric content. The convergence and democratization of 3D human performance capture, 3D digital set design, virtual production, and real-world augmented experiences are enabling entirely new ways of creating and delivering content. At EnTech Fest, Evercoast will explore the use of 3D volumetric video in both live and pre-recorded content that deliver more immersive experiences for everything from TV broadcasts to virtual reality and the metaverse.



FansXR is a broadcast disruptor offering a realtime XR streaming platform that supplement’s media rights by providing a white label immersive fan experience as a second screen and delivered to any digital device while offering realtime broadcast NFT capability. 

Our solution increases viewership, especially among the younger generation. With XR personalized experiences, we literally place the real world into the Metaverse or a web browser.  Fans become the director and are in complete control of their experience, creating new enriched data, geolocation positioning to serve up advertising, sponsorship, and prop betting, driving new revenues.

FansXR Superbowl
FansXR is one of EnTech’s Startup Alley exhibitors.



Featured demos in the Intel Booth:

Open Path Guiding Library – Intel’s latest in high fidelity rendering technology can elevate your imagery.
Super Resolution – The Intel Video Library for Super Resolution demonstrates the ability to up-res video content on the latest gen of Intel Scalable Processors.
Fake Catcher – The world’s first real-time deepfake detection platform with Intel AI.
Olympics in 8K – Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in 8K 60 fps/HDR live OTT workflow.
High Fidelity Denoising in Film Production – Intel will demonstrate how its software, Open Image Denoise, enables the highest fidelity imagery in the production environment. 


Iyuno-SDI Group

At this year’s DEG EnTech Fest, Iyuno-SDI will walk visitors through its recent technological advances in remote recording, talent diversity, and more of the latest innovations around artificial intelligence. The breakout room will feature a remote recording demo zone and allow visitors to experience Iyuno-SDI’s portable recording booth known as iDub.


Iyuno-SDI will be located upstairs from the main exhibit floor in Herscher Hall’s 2nd Floor Classroom 305.



Stop by LG’s booth to see the latest OLED products for home and professional use. These include the latest upgrade to LG’s G2 “Gallery” TV series which uses LG’s exclusive OLED “EVO” technology – a combination of advanced alpha 9 Gen5 AI Processor and cutting-edge picture algorithms to enable up to 30 percent higher brightness than standard OLED sets. LG’s UltraFine OLED Pro Monitor will also be on display. The 32EP950 uses the power of OLED and its individual pixel control, perfect black level, and rich color reproduction capabilities to satisfy even the most demanding needs of the content creation community.


Looper Insights

Many content distributors and app owners simply aren’t getting the information they need from their web store, MVPD, games console and smart TV distribution partners. So Looper Insights is here to help. We provide you with the Vizibility(TM) to understand where and how your content and entertainment apps are being promoted across various platforms and devices. You can track titles across their whole lifecycle, as well as your and your competitors’ apps. We help your team optimize merchandising efforts to get more views, more subscribers and less churn.



Introducing Matchpoint, a highly scalable content delivery platform designed to streamline distribution of your digital content to a plethora of AVOD, SVOD, TVOD and FAST streaming platforms at significant cost-savings. Matchpoint automates distribution of your video content to all major ad-supported and subscription-based platform providers at close to half the cost of leading competitors. Matchpoint lets content owners worry less about technical details and focus on what is most important, creating engaging revenue generating AVOD/SVOD services for their viewers. 


Premiere Digital

Premiere Digital partners with major companies in the entertainment industry to provide media services, distribution and SaaS tools to simplify supply chain and technical operations. Premiere has a global reach of more than 100 countries through agreements with major digital, cable, satellite, broadcast and digital platforms and works with over 1,000 content owners to manage their delivery and distribution. For 13 years they have been one of the most trusted distribution companies in the industry and continue to outperform by taking market share from competitors on an annual basis.



Rightsline is a best-in-class, comprehensive toolset to manage contracts, rights, and financials for all types of intellectual property. 

All of your data and contracts in one place. Gain 360° visibility into all your rights, territories, and on all platforms worldwide: In-depth and ultra-fast avails, inventory management, contract and date tracking, as well as royalty and participation reporting. Integrate with your other systems via API, and more.


Sony Electronics

Discover a new visual medium. Sony’s Spatial Reality Display leverages industry-leading high-speed vision sensor technology to enable a glasses-free, high-resolution 3D modeling, and visualization experience. Using the Unity or Unreal Engine SDK, creators can develop VR, AR, and other types of content and bring this content to life using the display.



Synamedia will showcase its latest innovations in security, insight and addressale advertising.
Security is no longer just about content, it’s about entire service protection. We follow the delivery chain through to the user, protecting them, and your business, from fraudulent applications and piracy at every stage.
Insight takes us beyond just data and analytics, into the realm of knowing, and understanding what it is your customers love, and making sure that you are providing it to them.
Advertising is changing at an exponential rate with addressability everywhere – and we mean everywhere, from mobile, to smart TV and even to the set-top. We’re going to show you how you can free your inventory to reach its true potential and keep your audiences happy and engaged.


Truecut Motion

TrueCut Motion® is the film industry’s first end-to-end premium format for motion imaging. It is a powerful solution that offers directors advanced mastering tools to control how motion is visualized in their films, allowing the control of judder, the soap opera effect, cinematic frame rate looks, and other motion anomalies affecting playback. By allowing filmmakers the ability to address motion looks shot by shot during post-production, thus optimizing the at-home viewing experience, consumers can experience an incredible range of motion playback, consistently and seamlessly. Pixelworks is proud to present the latest examples of full motion graded samples as well as the process workflow to achieve amazing results in motion.

Truecut Motion


Universal Search and Discovery LLC.

The Company was Co-Founded in 2017 by Steven Harnsberger, CEO, and Brian Seitel, CTO/COO, after their team was hired by Roku to onboard the first 100 streaming apps to Roku’s search. USAND has become an approved vendor for search feeds to Roku, Fire TV, Samsung TV+, Apple TV & IOS, Google Android & Android TV, Vizio and more. USAND search feed service enables increases subscriber acquisition driving by new app installs and growing streaming viewers across the OTT ecosystem.

USAND manages the development of specialty app metadata feeds that meet each video platform’s proprietary data specs, which all differ. The USAND team provides turnkey app metadata feed creation, onboarding, QC and 24/7 feed delivery services for all OTT platforms for customers such as Criterion, Univision, the Weather Channel, and more.

Find out more, at our website:


Verizon Business Group

Verizon Business Group built a proof of concept in its 5G Labs that enables a manager, such as a post supervisor, to build an edge-based editing environment on demand using Teradici with the Verizon 5G Edge. With latency of just eight to18 milliseconds and near-zero packet loss, the editor is able to edit completely online, without the need to shuttle files or upload and download and deliver the asset on time and securely. See this demonstration of low-latency remote access to edge-based workflows.



Versus Systems Inc. is an engagement and rewards company that makes live events, games, streaming, OTT, TV, and video content more fun to watch and play. The Versus Digital Engagement Platform allows users to add interactive games, polling, trivia, and other win conditions to existing entertainment through second-screen experiences, making the content more contextual, personal, and rewarding. Versus works with world class sports teams, leagues, venues, entertainment companies, and other content creators to make engaging, rewarding experiences for fans all over the world.  


Whip Media

Whip Media is a market leading enterprise software platform and data provider to the world’s largest entertainment organizations. Whip will be showing its suite of solutions that connect and scale data, processes and teams across licensing, content planning, and financial operations to improve decision making, drive efficiency, revenue, and growth. Whip will also highlight CVM Insights, a content intelligence solution that drives marketing, licensing, programming and development decisions. Powered by the world’s largest panel of TV and film enthusiasts, CVM Insights is “always on”, continuously capturing viewing intent, engagement and affinity data for content across platforms and devices. 



XL8 wants to help the world communicate by eliminating the barriers of language, region, and circumstance through innovative AI technologies. The traditional translation industry is erroneous and slow. So, XL8 developed an innovative and state-of-the-art AI machine translation “engine” using deep learning technologies that makes the target translation more sophisticated and more accurate using advanced artificial intelligence. The ultimate goal is to solve and improve the translation quality of every language in the world.

XL8 will be doing live demos of its Skroll and Skroll-Sync technology as well as a new program using AI and Synthesized Live Voice-Over & Dubbing.