Get to Know Allison Gordon

Get to Know Allison Gordon

Canon Club Advisory Board Member Allison Gordon
Intel | West Regional Sales Director
Canon Club Advisory Board Member Allison Gordon with her family at Moab

Allison Gordon and her family at Moab

IN THIS JOB Two years
PRIOR EXPERIENCE I bring in almost 20 years of demonstrated visionary leadership across various functions ranging from developing micro-finance programs with the Peace Corps in Bolivia to building the Intel Education team. I am a strategic-thinker, energetic self-starter and inspirational leader who builds effective and diverse teams driving socially good business models that positively grow the bottom line.  My goal is to see each individual reach for their north star while supporting organizations to reach new levels of success with intentionality and purpose.
HOMETOWN Born in the Bronx, but most of my time growing up was in Omaha, NE. GO HUSKERS!
LIVES NOW Phoenix (Ahwatukee), AZ
ENJOYS, OUTSIDE OF WORK Beyond Intel, and when I am not chasing my two young children and Boston Terrier, I enjoy exploring the world with my husband and catching a Peloton ride or taking a hike in the Arizona Mountains.  I also love making and enjoying cocktails while eating good food and laughing with my friends and family.
Raising Dion was a fun one for me.  I love the idea that we all come with unique superpowers, but to really build and hone in on our superpowers, we have to identify what they are and then focus and train to continue to build those muscles.  But really, who doesn’t love a great kid superhero story?


DEG: Do you have a personal philosophy when it comes to your work? If so, how does it translate into what you do? 

AG: Do good business while doing good for the world.  It is my guide. Am I leaving something better off than where I found it? I also love the Ven diagram of: Dream Big, Get Stuff Done and Have Fun. Between these two guiding principles, I can really focus on where I can have an impact and make a bigger impact on the world through my team or through partnerships.

Below is an example of where we see this all come together and the power we can dream big, get stuff done, have fun and do good. Intel, Dell Deliver Education Technology-as-a-Service to Arizona High School

DEG: What excites you about the future of our industry?  

AG: The scope and reach of what M&E can make possible leveraging the power of technology. I am excited about how disparate areas can come together to create something different. For example, when we look at how we bring the intersection of media and entertainment and pair it with areas such as teaching and learning, or healthcare, or live-work-play spaces – the different industries can create something much more powerful and immersive than we could have imagined. It is fascinating to help orchestrate where the different use cases and solutions play out. 

DEG: What do you see as Intel’s role in the “metaverse”?

AG: I see Intel as an orchestrator of an ecosystem to align on standards, tools and formats that need to be enabled so we can bring together the intersection between digital and physical worlds. To further expand, I like how Raja Koduri puts it in an article he recently wrote, “Today’s internet was able to transform our world because it was built upon open standards. At Intel, we are committed to plumbing the internet of tomorrow by leveraging and augmenting existing industry standards as well as creating new ones.” Powering the Metaverse

DEG: What inspires you to create leadership programs for your colleagues of various career levels?

AG: I have an endless thirst for growth, not only for me, but also for people around me.  I feel fulfilled by knowing what I have done has meaning.  I believe a leader inspires teams to explore, create and deliver.  I aspire to be this type of leader – a leader who fosters an environment that breeds happiness and trust.  Where the trust allows the individuals and the team to be at their best because they love what they do and feel they are supported to reach for the stars.  

DEG: How, specifically, does lifting the individual benefit Intel as a whole?

AG: As a leader and as a coach, my job is to support people to be their very best version of themselves.  They feel like they want to be a part of something larger and they know how they can leverage their superpowers and lean on others on where they need help.  When we have this, people dream bigger, they challenge, they push the status quo and they feel empowered to do so.  This is all built on a foundation, and the foundation has to be strong to support every individual and hold them up.  When we do this well, our team reaches further and moves faster and they bring their best and most fearless self to work every day. The foundation is essential, because they know they are supported and if they fall, the team, the structure, the care is there to pick them up so we can all continue to learn, evolve and grow what is possible.


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