Get to Know Terri Davies

Get to Know Terri Davies

Canon Club Advisory Board Member Terri Davies
Motion Picture Association |
President, Trusted Partner Network

IN THIS JOB May 1st marks three months!
PRIOR EXPERIENCE Prior to Motion Pictures Association, I have been extremely fortunate to have had multiple perspectives of our wonderful industry both in the U.K. and U.S. through various roles in studio, post-production, technology and most recently the content licensing and distribution business.
HOMETOWN Somerset, England
LIVES NOW Los Angeles, Calif.
ENJOYS, OUTSIDE OF WORK All things theatre, movies, TV, family and friends


DEG: Do you have a personal philosophy when it comes to your work? If so, how does it translate into what you do? 

TD: Ken Blanchard was spot on when he said “none of us is as smart as all of us”. I seek out and create teams who have different perspectives, strengths, ideas, pace and skill sets so that together we can make better, more balanced decisions. Also, no matter what the mountain is in front of you, just keep moving forward. It doesn’t matter if it’s a baby or a giant step – progress over perfection allows you to keep growing and improving.  

DEG: What excites you about the future of industry?  


DEG: You’ve just taken a new position as president of MPA’s Trusted Partner Network. What content security challenges in the digital distribution supply chain keep you awake at night? 

TD: The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) program has made great strides under the MPA’s leadership and I’m excited to be at the helm for the next chapter of the organization. Because my main objective is to address the industry’s content security challenges and the most urgent risks, I’m looking at ways to put forth the most unified approach to content security from an industry perspective, focused on common threats, vulnerabilities, and evolving technologies while still respecting individual content owner’s business needs and risk profiles.

DEG: How has content security evolved as a result of people across the industry working from home during the pandemic?

TD: Like almost every aspect of the industry, the pandemic necessitated a swift transition to remote working and the cloud. Naturally, content security had to match pace by pivoting to remote audits and updating best practice guidelines and controls. As we recover from COVID and remote work is here to stay, the MPA and TPN will continue to adjust and update guidelines. We recently released version 4.10 of the MPA Common Guidelines for remote workers which includes 37 new items covering management as well as physical and digital control for post-production remote workers.  

DEG: What new work habit have you developed in the past year that you think will benefit your eventual post-pandemic routines?

TD:  I had an opportunity last year to pause and take a breath from what had been a frantic and very stressful work schedule. During this time I realized that taking time out of a busy work week to walk the dogs around the block, have a cup of tea, check in with a friend or attend my son’s volleyball game gave me more energy and drive to really get my work priorities in focus and deliver on them. It’s overstated but true – work life balance is critical to both our mental and physical health and is a whole lot more rewarding!


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