HBO Max: The New Number 2? [Puck]

HBO Max: The New Number 2? [Puck]

(Above) HBO Max logo and a variety of their content.


By Julia Alexander

January 23, 2022 | The unique brand value and quintessence of HBO has, until quite recently, always been as much about what it doesn’t offer as what it does. For decades, Richard Plepler preserved the pay-TV service as a highly curated jewel box: a bespoke powerhouse for ambitious programming. It didn’t necessarily matter that Succession wasn’t a red-state ratings bonanza, or that its lauded documentaries seemed to pick up more Emmys than viewers. Part of the network’s identity was wrapped up in its auteur-friendly disposition, and blatant hand-waving at vulgar consumerism. (Plus, Game of Thrones already had that mainstream audience covered.)

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