How AVOD, FAST and SVOD Fit Into Modern Distribution [Variety VIP+]

How AVOD, FAST and SVOD Fit Into Modern Distribution [Variety VIP+]


April 6, 2023 | Distribution ain’t what it used to be.

The advent of streaming coupled with the inexplicable decision from cable networks to make their content available on services the day after airing on TV for a fraction of the price of cable TV substantially impacted the pay TV business.

This means that what was once the bedrock of distribution — TV syndication — must find new ways to reach audiences and fully monetize content libraries.

Precisely what these new ways are will vary upon the primary business of a company. If one does not own a subscription streaming (SVOD) service, then, for reasons outlined below, FAST, AVOD and SVOD may all be distribution avenues to consider, with social a key consideration and Web3 on the horizon.

Owners of SVOD services should consider dropping AVOD from the distribution formats for prime content. But that is the only difference, as our overview of new distribution will show.

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