VDMS: Now is the Time to Start Delivering Personalized Viewing Experiences

VDMS: Now is the Time to Start Delivering Personalized Viewing Experiences

The future of television is all about delivering personalized online experiences that are curated for each and every viewer. Unfortunately, we have seen very little innovation, experimentation or offerings that meet this need. Although broadcasters have mastered the art of incorporating advertisements seamlessly into linear programming when delivering OTT streams, why aren’t they using that same technology to accomplish basic requirements like ad stitching and content replacement? Doing so would create more compelling OTT channels and services. Let’s dive deeper into a few scenarios.

The avid sports fan
Let’s say I’m a sports fan, and I regularly access content, stats and news on a mega sports network’s website. I regularly set up alerts for my favorite teams and players. How amazing would it be if the content owner could take all that data and serve me a sports

Jason Friedlander
Verizon Digital Media Services

highlight show of my very own, every time I log in? This content owner could easily use currently available stitching capabilities to create on-the-fly linear channels for me. Not only will the content be  personalized, but the ads will continue to be dynamically served and highly targeted as well, truly making this a unique, profitable viewing experience.

Financial sense
Sports is not the only use case; delivering personalized viewing experiences can be a win for networks and businesses in the financial sector, too. Consider the person who trades stocks on a daily basis and uses the website of a financial services company or business network every day to get news and alerts, to stay on top of the latest market trends. Using collected data along with content they already own, these companies could easily spin up a dynamic, personalized OTT channel that delivers information, insights and advice related to the user’s current and prospective holdings.

An experience like this not only offers the ability to serve up relevant targeted ads, but financial services companies can also foster both loyalty and commerce – further stock trades and purchases – through their websites. Existing technology makes this opportunity an easy, low-risk proposition; there’s almost no excuse for content owners not to offer this up to consumers right now.

Wiping off the cobwebs
But what if a content owner doesn’t benefit from that personalized, linear experience? What if he or she owns a library of content and just has yet to figure out how to present it in a way that generates revenue? Fortunately, there are still ways to reinvent the linear experience using current technology to put a fresh spin on content libraries. Using today’s OTT services and tools, such media companies could very easily create virtual linear channels that not only showcase their content, but also provide a convenient opportunity to monetize. Depending on the time of year, a temporary channel could offer all of the best holiday programming – the best Halloween shows or the most popular Fourth of July programming.

Of course there is a “cost” in programming channels. But using software to automate the selection and playout of content, this model requires little to no manual intervention, and it has the potential to draw viewers, monetize older content and ultimately add to the bottom line. Because this model is scalable, there is nothing stopping the content provider from doing one or 100 such channels with very little risk and tons of upside.

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