Making the Consumer Connection – See the Presentation Decks From Our May 21 DEG Expo

Making the Consumer Connection – See the Presentation Decks From Our May 21 DEG Expo

Zepp (l.), Wang

May 21, 2020 |  Google’s Jonathan Zepp, M&E Global Partnerships, Google Platforms & Ecosystems, and David Wang, Product, Google Search, opened the morning’s discussion on consumer connection with digital entertainment from the perspective of what Google knows best. Wang shared insights on how–and how much–consumers worldwide have searched for entertainment since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year.  Multiple types of consumer entertainment queries have increased significantly, Wang shared, including broad queries (such as ‘what’s good to watch’), entity queries (tied to particular titles), provider queries (tied to particular services), and genre queries. Of particular note: queries about free content, which tend to peak during lockdown and decrease as people become more free to move about society.

The other Digital Entertainment Distribution: Making the Consumer Connection speakers also addressed trends in consumer engagement with, and use of, digital entertainment.

OTT Game Plan: Creating an OTT Strategy to Connect Your Content with Consumers
Scott Blomquist
VP Consumer Engineering & Architecture
Karan Singh, 
DirectorProduct & Development
Sony New Media Solutions

For content partners looking to keep pace with rapidly evolving consumer demand, understanding the OTT landscape and the options for connecting anaudience with your content are more important than ever. In this DEG Expo presentation, Sony New Media Solutions’ Scott Blomquist addressed strategies to manage churn and keep subscribers engaged with OTT content, including building a robust consumer experience; matching business models to suit the content and the fanbase; implementing ecommerce; and fostering community engagement. Blomquist and colleague Karan Singh used Sony NMS client the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) to demonstrate the company’s capabilities that can help create distribution and monetization opportunities in OTT while building personalized streaming experiences for your consumers.  See the full deck.



Big-Time Entertainment Viewing on the PC
John Webb,
Client Graphics & Media Marketing Director

Sharing statistics about the ubiquity of the PC worldwide and its under-exploited status as an entertainment viewing device in the Americas, Intel’s John Webb discussed the potential of the PC to deliver premium content experiences to streaming consumers. The PC offers a large, secure, global installed base for entertainment distribution; is the innovation platform for premium experiences and new business models; and offers opportunity for content owners and platforms to bring quality content to consumers worldwide, Webb shared, detailing the PC’s new features and advanced capabilities.  See the full deck.



Trends in Consumer Video Engagement
Jeremy Settle
, AVP Video Analytics & Insights, AT&T

AT&T’s Jeremy Settle shared TV engagement trends, starting with consumers’ increased use of  linear and time-shifted TV programming, and transactional video-on-demand (TVOD), since stay-at-home guidance went into effect around the U.S. in mid-March. Usage of all models grew significantly through the first quarter but have started to taper off mid-second quarter, as shelter orders are lifted and businesses begin to reopen around the country, with trendlines showing remarkable similarities regionally. For TVOD, a delay in the flow of new releases has created a shift to library titles. See the full deck.