Netflix’s Advertising Challenge: It Isn’t Big Enough [Bloomberg]

Netflix’s Advertising Challenge: It Isn’t Big Enough [Bloomberg]


June 23, 2024 | Good evening from Paris, where I am hopefully fast asleep by the time you read this. There have been at least five distinct eras in the media business this century, all defined by one of two words: grow or cut.

The first era was all about growth, fueled primarily by advertising. We saw the boom in cable TV, the last heyday of print and the dawn of the internet. This ended with the great recession, which ushered in a period of extreme cost-cutting.

The next era of growth began in the ashes of the recession, but this time it was fueled by subscriptions. Netflix and Spotify inspired everyone to charge monthly fee for their products. This ended, depending on your point of view, somewhere between 2020 and 2022, ushering in yet another age of austerity.

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