Digital HD

About This Project

Research has shown that consumers have a growing understanding of “Digital” as a home entertainment product and service offering, and the proliferation of retailer services and digital storefronts has reinforced those behaviors and knowledge. Consumers are very familiar with the term “HD” and appreciate the value and benefits that it brings to their entertainment. To initially help educate consumers and drive digital transactions DEG’s Marketing Committee combined these concepts and aligned messaging around Digital HD. This positioning was established to convey that high definition digital ownership is a compelling offer.

In the digital space, consumer-facing merchandising is much more closely tied to back-end operations and technology standards than is the case with physical media.  This why DEG’s Technology & Operations Committee works on an ongoing basis to implement digital supply chain standards that can yield incremental revenues for retailers and studios.

On a broad level, DEG has been involved in helping the industry coalesce around such issues as what drives consumers to use digital, device usage and the use of cloud storage for digital copies.

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