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New for 2017, the NEXT UP series of member education forums was developed by DEG’s Member Advisory Council (MAC).  MAC serves as an “internal institute” looking at mid-to-long term trends within DEG to help members make informed business decisions.

The inaugural event, NEXT UP: Emerging Tech Forum took place May 2, 2017, in Los Angeles, where DEG members gathered  to hear from nine forward-looking companies providing insight into new technologies and products that could  help define how consumers will enjoy entertainment content in the future.

As the home entertainment business continues to rapidly accelerate, DEG Chair Mike Dunn  said in his introduction, it is important to keep an eye of the “edge cases” of new technology and how the people creating them envision the the media landscape of the future.

The first NEXT UP: Emerging Tech Forum was presented incooperation with Intel Capital and Touchdown Ventures, with the generous support of sponsors Mannatt Digital, Strategic Law Partners and Technicolor.

At DEG’s Fall 2017 NEXT UP:  Emerging Tech Forum focused on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, held November 2, : Xperi CTO Steve Teig (bottom photo) delivered an enthusiastically received keynote on the impact of machine learning to revolutionize home entertainment in the short, mid and long terms, describing a path from technologies
such as automatic subtitle generation and translation through digital viewing companions and to fully immersive content experiences.

‘Forbes’ writer and author Charlie Fink. For more photos of NEXT UP: Alternate Realities, see our home page Photo Gallery.

The third installment of DEG’s NEXT UP series of technology forums took a deep look at all of the new ‘realities’ for home media including Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) with a series of presentations and panels focused on Content Monetization, Distribution,  Hardware & Devices and Venture Capital.

Writer, Producer and Futurist Charlie Fink keynoted DEG’s NEXT UP: Alternate Realities on May 1, 2018 in Los Angeles.

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