Technology & Operations

About This Project

Today, DEG’s Technology and Operations Committee focuses almost exclusively on the digital supply chain. Its priority, broadly, is standards adoption for digital content identification, availability and formatting. In its ongoing effort to establish best practices and optimize the supply chain, the Committee has identified multiple opportunities to align workflows between content owners and digital distribution platforms.

Topics currently of interest to the Technology & Operations Committee include feature and episodic avails, localization, common metadata, common media manifest, EIDR and reporting standardization. In addition, it will look to elevate some newer supply chain topics like studio adoption of Interoperable Mastering Format (IMF), reporting standardization and next generation extras.

DEG’s work in the supply chain may be less visible than glossy packaging makeovers and brochures for new formats, and less glamorous than satellite media tours, but it’s no less integral to the adoption of new formats, especially digital formats.

In the digital space, the operations team has a much greater influence on consumer-facing merchandising, than is the case with physical media, current Technology & Operations Committee Co-Chairs Christopher Stefanidis and Mark Sgriccia emphasized.  ( — At left, Stefanidis (l.) and Sgriccia lead a recent Joint Working Group.)

“The supply chain of digital media has the opportunity to nimbly react to changing market conditions, through dynamic metadata updates and scaling for an increasing number of worldwide partners,” said Sgriccia, who is Lionsgate’s VP Content & Operations Strategy. “With such opportunities, however, come raised expectations; next-day air episodic workflows, increased localization and targeted “flash” promotions with renewed interest in real-time marketing analytics are but a few examples where digital supply chain enhancements can yield incremental studio revenues.”

“Online storefronts are continually adding enhanced functionality, while content providers are leveraging shared solutions to stay ahead,” agreed Stefanidis, VP Digital Distribution Operations & Strategy for Walt Disney Pictures and Television.