See EnTech Fest 2024’s Featured Programs and Exhibitors

See EnTech Fest 2024’s Featured Programs and Exhibitors

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Audiokinetic’s proprietary software Wwise helps create complex real-world and virtual experiences with immersive audio using sounds, music and dialogue. Wwise reacts to inputs provided by sensors and other parameters, and supports non-standard speaker configurations, default panning, discrete audio output, and much more.


The Digital Vending Machine® by Bango provides everything you need for subscription bundling and payments, enabling you to quickly reach new customers and markets. Connect once for a standard system of tools used for customer acquisition, payments and subscriptions, and join an ecosystem of over 150 merchants and resellers already connected to the Bango platform. Trusted by leading technology companies including Amazon, Google and Microsoft. For more information, visit



CINCO has created a virtual experience space, known as xSpace, a seamless frictionless online AI-powered experience for brands that converts their modern consumers from discovery to sales. xSpaces are customized for each of our clients and offer a seamless online journey from discovery to sales for their customers, engaging them through sight, sound, voice, and interactions using the latest AI technologies. This immersive, multi-sensory online experience not only captivates users but also smoothly guides them toward making purchases, enhancing both engagements and sales.



Cleanbox Technology Inc. is a premium, eco-friendly, smart tech hygiene company, specializing in UVC surface decontamination for frequently used products. Cleanbox’s proprietary engineering of UVC light in an LED provides safe, hospital-grade hygiene, killing 99.999% of contagions without the use of chemicals, heat, or liquids.


Common Sense Machines

Common Sense Machines is building a 3D generative AI platform to democratize and accelerate 3D world generation from any input (image, sketch, text). Creating 3D environments for various purposes including gaming, product design, VFX, synthetic data and mixed reality requires a laborious and time-consuming process. It is also an expensive and intricate process that relies on sophisticated tools that can be challenging to use. Common Sense Machines has developed an AI engine, integrated across web, mobile and APIs, that speeds up game-engine ready 3D content creation workflows significantly.


Ethical Media Group

Tokenization of Film, Television & Music properties using advanced blockchain technology. EMG’s services is a debtless finance system.


Gentilhomme brings together directors, designers, coders, producers, visual effects artists and musicians in one creative studio. Using a tailored, dynamic, interdisciplinary approach, they are experts in producing content and live shows that spark the imagination and engage audiences. 


Hypertec is an IT solutions provider who has developed an immersion cooling technology for servers that offers high levels of efficiency and significant reductions in energy consumption, while at the same time minimizing build costs and maximizing computing density. Hypertec’s innovation was recently showcased by Linus Tech Tips. This technology has great potential for any company who hosts a large number of servers for use in computing, rendering and delivery of video content. 



The AI PC powered by Intel is here. Now, AI is for everyone. With AI-acceleration built into every Intel® Core™ Ultra processor, you now have access to a variety of experiences – enhanced collaboration, productivity, and creativity – right at your desk. Learn what is required of AI workloads and what is available to get started. More here on Intel’s new AI PC.


Intel Capital

Spend your lunch with us for rapid pitches, from each Intel Capital companies (CSM, Iris.TV, Lilt, Twelve Labs, Xyte and Zyphra Technologies, showcasing groundbreaking technologies. Room #303/304 in Guerin Pavilion and join us in our booth or schedule personalized 1:1 discussions and witness the future of Media & Entertainment.

Intel GETi

Bring the power of AI into your post-production workflows to classify and curate clips with ease for localization and broadcast. Learn how Intel’s computer vision software platform speeds up AI model training to meet the needs of editors and broadcasters worldwide.


We plan on showcasing research, applications, and case studies of video-level contextual targeting powered by AI.





Nothing is more personal than reaching your customers in their own language. LetzChat enables communication between businesses and their non-native speaking customers. LetzChat builds real-time language solutions in 104 languages and 100+ dialects. Our featured services include video dubbing and audio translation, API integrations, website translations, and browser extensions. Come see what LetzChat can do for your business!



Founded in 2015, LILT Contextual AI is the complete solution for enterprise content generation and translation. The LILT Contextual AI Platform enables global enterprises to start, scale, and optimize their global content, product, communication, and support operations. Customers such as Intel, ASICS, and Snap use Lilt to create on-brand products and services in global markets.



At Moment Factory, we bring people together. Our shows and destinations pioneer forms of entertainment that offer the world new experiences. Whether at a concert, a flagship store or across an urban square, we aim to inspire a sense of collective wonder and connection.


PHI Studio

PHI Studio is a leading pioneer in the XR industry with a catalog of award winning touring exhibits. In partnership with Felix & Paul Studios, PHI created Space Explorers – THE INFINITE. INFINITY Experiences’ ambition is to create and distribute other innovative large-scale projects through immersive exhibitions and experiences.



TrueCut Motion technology provides filmmakers with a visual palette of cinematic motion that goes beyond previous filmmaking tools and mastering.  While motion picture display quality has dramatically advanced with higher resolution, higher dynamic range and deeper color palettes, the motion look of cinema hasn’t changed in a century. TrueCut Motion technology allows filmmakers to dial in the motion, with any source frame rate, shot by shot, in post-production. The TrueCut Motion platform then ensures that these creative choices are delivered consistently across every screen, whether in the theater. the home, or next gen devices.



PixMob creates togetherness through immersive crowd activation, connecting people to pulsating light and sound, and breaking down the barrier between audience and performance. PixMob lets the audience become a part of the show. Each spectator is transformed into a pixel, turning the crowd into a brilliant canvas.





Rokid’s AR glasses are transforming entertainment. Rokid AR Joy enables users to watch streaming services and play games on a cinematic 215” virtual screen anywhere via the only Google-certified TV box for AR. Rokid AR Studio provides developers with a spatial computing platform to create immersive experiences.





Signiant enterprise software and services provide people and systems with fast, reliable, secure global access to valuable media assets ⎯ regardless of storage type or location. The cloud-native Signiant Platform anchors the next-generation media technology stack, optimising content flow within and between more than 50,000 media companies of all sizes. From content creation through distribution, Signiant plays a mission-critical role in file-based workflows and cloud upload/download across the media supply chain. For more information, please visit


Silent Partners

A fully integrated design and production studio, we devise innovative stagecraft for live touring concerts, theatre, opera, music videos, award shows and printed branding. We thrive on creative challenges and embrace technological ingenuity; balancing the cutting edge with the popular. We take you from the drawing board to opening night and beyond. We bring your image to life.


Skytech Gaming

At Skytech, we understand the demands of professionals. You need not only power, but also precision, reliability, and unwavering performance. That’s why we don’t simply build computers, we build for AI and workstations specifically designed to elevate your professional workflow.



Solotech is a world leader in audio visual and entertainment technology. Solotech is no stranger to the audiovisual challenges for any type of live event and is not intimidated by the size of a venue, massive crowds or imposing settings. Large special events offer the ultimate chance to magnify the energy and exhilaration of the event to create a truly engaging experience using sophisticated visual and audio effects, the latest control systems, LED screens, immense curved walls, and many more state-of-the-art technologies.


SpherexAI™ is the only global video compliance solution that unlocks new markets, expands audiences, and drives revenue. Supports a wide range of formats from film/TV to social video, providing timestamped objectionable content and local age ratings for every country. Detailed content descriptors for effectively matching advertisements to content. Get the best of both worlds: Spherex brand assurance with the automation of AI.

Twelve Labs

Twelve Labs’ AI powered video understanding extracts multiple modalities of data from video – visuals, speech, text, logos. This provides rich, semantic understanding of video content to power capabilities like natural language search, insights and recommendations.


Experience the unique power of the only streaming platform in the world enhanced by AI and Computer Vision technology. VENUE revolutionizes content distribution through a Pay-Per-Viewer model, enabling you to sell individual tickets for your digital content. Expand your reach and connect with a broader audience on our cutting-edge digital exhibition platform. Plus, gain valuable insights with detailed, granular data about your audience’s engagement and interactions with your content.



XL8’s MediaCAT, a proprietary media localization system, utilizes cutting-edge AI machine translation engines trained on entertainment content. Users easily initiate and manage collaborative projects, creating scripts with audio-conformed time codes. MediaCAT’s AI suite translates subtitles into multiple languages simultaneously, ensuring human-like colloquial speech in the target language.




DTS AutoStage Video Service, Powered by TiVo is the ultimate in-car video entertainment experience. Bringing an award-winning personalized, content-first experience to the connected car, TiVo delivers free premium content across live TV, news, sports, movies, and more, on the vehicle screen.

Smart TVs Powered by TiVo replaces the typical “sea of apps” user interface with a beautiful, simple, intuitive, and content-focused experience that combines TV shows, movies, and sports found within your favorite streaming services.




We will be presenting Xyte Device Cloud – a unified solution for device and HW manufacturers to manage their entire connected devices business in the cloud.




Zyphra is an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) startup with offices in Palo Alto, London and Montreal. The company is building a full stack personalized AI operating system.