See EnTech Fest’s Featured Programs and Exhibitors

See EnTech Fest’s Featured Programs and Exhibitors

New exhibitors added regularly!


Our EnTech Insights Research Presentations Are Back by Popular Demand!

EnTech Insights is an efficient 40-minute presentation that will share knowledge and perspective from multiple thought-leading DEG Members.

The companies will present twice, at 10:15 AM and at 1:00 PM, to accommodate members who arrive at different times.


The New TV: Industry and Consumer Trends Shaping the Future of In-Home Entertainment 

According to Omdia, more than four out of five U.S. households now have at least one SVOD service. Although streaming video is now ubiquitous, the in-home entertainment landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace with the rise of premium ad-supported online video. This session will discuss how CTV, FAST and AVOD are shaping the new TV and video landscape.

Presenter: Marija MasalskisSenior Principal Analyst, Media & Entertainment, Omdia



The Future of Video is Now Available at Your Local Dealership  

Xperi sits at the intersection of car makers, media-tech, user experience and content owners, and our solutions have been integrated into cars for more than 20 years. This year is different. The 2024 models will hit showrooms this summer and every major auto manufacturer is bringing video to the dashboard. We’ll share insights from our consumer research, content partner priorities and automotive market movers.

Presenters: Briana Larsen, VP – Content Strategy & Business Development (top) and Chris Ambrozic, VP/GM – Discovery • PCD Product Management, TiVo




Don’t Miss These Special Presentations

Intel Capital

Innovative Tech for M&E | Quick Roundtables with Intel Capital Startups

Join Intel Capital for elevator pitches from an exclusive group of Intel Capital Portfolio Companies offering cutting-edge technology for the Media and Entertainment industry, followed by 15 minute round table sessions where you will have the opportunity to meet with each portfolio company.

Explore the latest innovations in areas such as content moderation, AI tools, data optimization, and monetization, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders on how to leverage these solutions for maximum impact.

Click here to learn more and register your interest in meeting with these innovative startups.

Airship > > Common Sense MachinesImmuta > Inworld > Iris.TV > Lilt > MinIO

SambaNova > Spectrum Labs

EnTech Fest registration is also required to attend the Intel Capital session.

8K Association

Feature Panel | 8K – Creating a New Way

Industry experts discuss the various ways 8K technology is elevating the creative experience.

Mike Fidler, Executive Director, 8K Association (Moderator)

Jonathon Lee, Head of Media Engineering and Innovation, Amazon Studios

Greg Ciaccio, Senior Director, Post Production Original Content, IMAX

Uday Mathur, Chief Technical Officer, RED Digital Camera

Additional panelists to be announced 



8K Association

The 8K Association (8KA) encompasses a broad membership of leading companies that represent all parts of the 8K ecosystem.

The mission of the organization is to educate both consumers and professionals about 8K and engage in specific activities, such as EnTech Fest,  to extend the message across the entire ecosystem. From content creation, production and distribution.. to a growing number of 8K Home, Commercial and Mobile products, This is all part of  8KA’s expanded mission to build greater advocacy among our core constituents, as well as entertainment enthusiasts everywhere. 

 We will conduct demonstrations in the 8KA booth with some of our member companies that represent the leading edge of 8K technology.



BOXX is the leading innovator of high-performance computer workstations, rendering systems, and servers for engineering, product design, architecture, visual effects, animation, deep learning, and more. For 27 years, BOXX has combined record-setting performance, speed, and reliability with unparalleled industry knowledge to become the trusted choice of creative professionals worldwide. For more information, visit powers lifelike digital humans for entertainment, education, video games and metaverses. Our no-code AI platform integrates GPT-3 seamlessly with Unreal, Unity and robotics to create immersive story-driven experiences that massively increase engagement and speed-to-market.


Deep Media

DeepMedia uses Patented AI to Translate, Dub, and LipSync Any Video into 50 Languages! Replace high production costs, reduce timelines, increase ROI, and give the original creative talent more control by using DeepMedia’s scalable AI translation, dub, and lipsync products to localize your catalog of movies, TV shows, and short films.


Dolby unlocks the power of sight and sound in the pursuit of awe-inspiring experiences and we remain committed to transforming living room entertainment. 

At EnTech, Dolby will share our Orchestrated Dolby Atmos demo which is an innovative opportunity to expand the flexibility of Dolby Atmos via wireless smart speakers placed in locations that work best for your living room.  Hear and feel sounds from all directions, even overhead. Get an early look at this exciting and new Dolby technology offering at EnTech!



Eluvio’s Content Blockchain network enables owner-controlled storage, distribution and monetization of video, music, and other digital content at scale. It provides Web3 native media experiences, allowing creators and fans to directly enjoy and monetize shows, films, concerts, digital albums, digital collectibles, interactive and metaverse experiences, and more. Companies, artists and brands whose content blockchain initiatives have been powered by Eluvio include FOX Entertainment, Globo, MGM Studios, Microsoft, SONY Pictures, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Universal Music Group, WWE, The Masked Singer, Dolly Parton, Black Eyed Peas, Rita Ora, and others.

Additional information about Eluvio is at 



Directed and scored by Oscar and Grammy-winning composer A.R. Rahman, punctuated by scent, motion, haptics and music, Le Musk is a 36-minute Immersive Sensory Cinema Experience, featuring a global star cast comprising Hollywood actress Nora Arnezeder (Army of the Dead) and Guy Burnet (Oppenheimer) in lead roles that ushers new ground in art and technology, merging worlds, mediums and cultures. The film, where technology meets the storytellers, constructs a compelling world of music, motion and scent, following the journey of an orphaned heiress and musician, who grows up to be a woman on a mission. Despite her tumultuous life, she has one constant companion – the lingering Muskan scent.


Presented by Intel at EnTech Fest, audiences will get a glimpse into Scent Of A Song from this immersive cinema.


Intel and partner iSIZE Technologies will demonstrate how AI can be used for improved video quality, which can lead to lower costs, increased customer satisfaction and new revenue streams for older content.  Technologies and use cases that we’ll cover will include AI-based bit-rate reduction, video super resolution, and AI-based denoising.

iSIZE specializes in deep learning for efficient, intelligent and sustainable video delivery. iSIZE products provide innovations in encoding, denoising and generative video content creation. They reduce latency, enhance video quality, and integrate with any existing codec by using a deep neural network that improves itself over time, without breaking any standards for video platforms, gaming, VR/ AR, IoT, VoD and live streaming services.


A range of new and innovative LG OLED TV’s will be on display at the LG Booth at DEG Entech Fest 2023 including “the best and brightest” LG OLED evo G3 TV (OLED55G3) – the “world’s first” bendable 42-inch LG OLED Flex (LX3) and the LG OLED Posé (LX1) Lifestyle TV with an effortlessly elegant design that can elevate any home interior. All LG OLED TVs on display offer the superior picture quality one would expect from an LG OLED TV.

Now celebrating its 10th anniversary, LG OLED continues to set the industry standard for picture quality and unprecedented customer experiences.


NetApp is a global, cloud-led, data centric software company that empowers customers with hybrid multicloud solutions built for a better future.  All-in on Cloud, Grounded in our on-prem roots with the best protection and security in the industry. NetApp helps companies take disruption in stride and turn on powerful innovation, just like we have done for ourselves for three decades.  A portfolio built with the freedom to do what is needed today and Flexible to adapt to tomorrow. NetApp technology helps our customers change the world. 


P1 Technologies

P1 Technologies is an innovative IT consulting team of enterprise architects with deep cloud expertise. For over a decade, P1 Technologies has been delivering large scale data protection solutions in the public cloud and on premises. Our team of architects and engineers is uniquely equipped to handle your IT infrastructure needs.  P1’s newest offering, P1 Protect, delivers Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) protecting on-premises enterprise data as well as cloud enterprise data.  Learn more at

Premiere Digital

Whether you’re looking for distribution, media servicing, or a software solutions partner Premiere Digital can help simplify the complexities of content distribution and supply chain management.

With over 15 years of experience, Premiere has worked with hundreds of content providers and retailers across the globe to efficiently and cost-effectively manage and scale their businesses.

Let us share our expertise on asset ingest, preparation, localization, packaging, and delivery, with you.


Spherexgreenlight™ is an expert-in-the-loop AI and machine-learning solution for the Media & Entertainment industry. It generates a unique fingerprint for each title using image/video, audio, and text analysis. Its ML-based rules engine accurately applies territory-specific rules for compliance, and it delivers local age ratings, highlights objectionable content, determines advertising suitability, and more.

Come see the future of video content distribution and discovery with Spherexgreenlight™, the cutting-edge solution for cultural insights at scale.



Discover a new visual medium. Sony’s Spatial Reality Display leverages industry-leading high-speed vision sensor technology to enable a glasses-free, high-resolution 3D modeling, and visualization experience. Using the Unity or Unreal Engine SDK, creators can develop VR, AR, and other types of content and bring this content to life using the display.



TrueCut Motion (Pixelworks)

TrueCut Motion is an advanced software platform from Pixelworks that provides studios and filmmakers with a broad new palette of motion looks that were previously not possible. The platform includes motion grading tools for adjusting judder, shutter angle and speed ramps, shot by shot, in post. The platform works with both theatrical and home entertainment releases and offers a certification program for consumer electronics brands such as TV makers. TrueCut Motion provides all the technical advantages of the high frame rate format while retaining the 24fps cinematic look—most recently used in Avatar 2: The Way of Water and on the recent re-releases of Avatar and Titanic. See the demo at EnTech and discover how motion grading can give your titles new life. 


UHD Alliance

Watch movies and TV shows the way the filmmakers intended. Filmmaker Mode preserves the director’s creative intent and provides viewers with more a cinematic experience. Come to the UHD Alliance booth (Booth 14) for a demonstration of Filmmaker Mode and its automatic switching feature, and to learn more about upcoming UHDA initiatives.

Varnish Software

When you deliver video or provide an online service, every millisecond of delay can lead to lost opportunity. Varnish Enterprise Content Delivery Software solves this by making everything over the web more dynamic and efficient so you can provide faster experiences, support more traffic, and deliver more content with less budget and resources. Unlike other solutions, Varnish Enterprise is 100% software-based and extracts every bit of value from existing servers or new hardware while seamlessly integrating with your current approach. Millions of users leverage Varnish to:

·      Deploy private content delivery services to reduce CDN and Cloud service fees·      Futureproof Live Streaming, OTT and VOD investments by leveraging software that has achieved record-breaking throughput and energy efficiency·      Provide more dynamic experiences for users to support new use cases, add new revenue streams and maximize growth·      Enable faster interactions for systems to streamline workflows, improve productivity and reduce capex by prolonging the life of existing infrastructure



XL8 Inc., a Silicon Valley tech company that provides AI-powered machine translation technology specially optimized for media content, is expanding its live subtitling engine into the online video conferencing world with a new app delivering accurate real-time translation and live subtitling during multi-language Zoom meetings. XL8 will unveil the app at DEG’s EnTech Fest. XL8 will also demonstrate its LiveSubs solution; which returns HLS, RTMP, and Zixi streams ready for large-scale CDN distribution; and its MediaCAT platform that streamlines transcription, subtitling, and dubbing workflows through the power of AI. 



YOOM is a deep tech company that brings real humans into the digital world with cutting-edge AI volumetric technology. Its mission is to enable the creation of new immersive content and experiences for the Metaverse and Web3, pioneering new ways for people to express themselves, create and consume content. YOOM’s AI technology consists of proprietary neural networks dedicated to volumetric video production. YOOM currently operates studios worldwide and is commercially active in the U.S., Europe, Middle East, and APAC.