Summer Movies 2021: Box Office or Bust? [Whip Media]

Summer Movies 2021: Box Office or Bust? [Whip Media]

May 26, 2021 | The industry is awaiting the summer movie season with a mixture of hope and anxiety. New data released in a white paper by Whip Media indicates that audiences will return to theaters, especially for select titles, in significant numbers. However, a return to business-as-usual is not guaranteed. There are some who won’t return or will return less often, either due to pandemic-related issues or just following a “theater cutting” trend of recent years. Plus, a larger group of consumers embraced PVOD this year, particularly those with children, and may continue to embrace it, even post-pandemic.

Whip Media Director of Data Solutions Jeni Hatfield-Benhain presented many findings from the white paper at DEG’s Spring Membership Meeting on May 20. See her full deck here.



Key Highlights of the Whip White Paper ‘Summer Movies 2021: Box Office or Bust?’ :

>     Disney’s Black Widow (pictured above) and Warner Media’s Suicide Squad have huge followings
and are poised to revive box offices this summer as U.S. audiences intend to return to theaters soon.

>     Families have fueled a 35 percent growth in PVOD over the last year, which studios are
leveraging with key family-oriented titles released day-and-date this summer.

>     Despite this enthusiasm to return, the widespread availability of film content at home
has resulted in a fundamental shift, as double the number of people compared to a
year ago say they will see movies in theaters but less often than before.

Download the Whip Media white paper here.