That’s One Pricey Subscription [The Verge]

That’s One Pricey Subscription [The Verge]


October 28, 2023 | There was a moment, in 2019, when streaming services were one heck of a deal. Apple TV Plus was free if you bought any kind of Apple device; you could get Disney Plus for $4 per month and lock that price in for three years; Hulu lowered its price to stay competitive; and you could share your Netflix account with as many friends, family members, roommates, and exes as you liked.

Those days are now far behind us. This year alone, all of the major names in streaming — Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Max, Apple TV Plus, Paramount Plus, and Peacock — have raised their prices. Netflix’s most expensive plan has officially crossed the $20 threshold, and other services are steadily headed in that direction. The price of streaming is at an all-time high.

For streaming veterans like Netflix and Hulu, price hikes have become an almost yearly ritual. But for relatively young services, such as Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Peacock, and Apple TV Plus, the price increases have only just begun. That leaves cord-cutters with ever-increasing bills and one big question: when will the price hikes stop?

Probably not anytime soon.

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