The Case to Not Shutter Paramount+ [IndieWire]

The Case to Not Shutter Paramount+ [IndieWire]


May 14, 2024 | Here is the complete list of streaming services with more subscribers than Paramount+: Netflix, Disney+, and maybe Max. (Warner Bros. Discovery does not break out linear HBO from its Max/Discovery+ number.) That’s it.

Paramount+ has 71 million subscribers, and yet the prevailing theory is that whomever buys Paramount (or control of Paramount) — if anyone does — will shutter the SVOD/AVOD service.

Why’s that? Well, for starters, Paramount+ has yet to make money. It’s on the clock, though: Paramount management has the streamer pegged to turn a profit in the U.S. in 2025. It’d be a shame to close something that has lost billions of dollars right before it starts to make money — unless you’d make more money licensing the content currently on the platform, that is.

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