The New Matter Smart Home Standard Could Make TVs More Powerful [Protocol]

The New Matter Smart Home Standard Could Make TVs More Powerful [Protocol]


October 6, 2022 | This week, the smart home industry passed a major milestone with the release of the Matter standard, which promises to simplify the setup and use of compatible smart home devices. In essence, Matter wants to bring some basic interoperability to devices like light bulbs, smart switches, and thermostats.

Matter is being introduced by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which counts Amazon, Apple, Google, and Samsung among its members. The primary focus is on simplifying smart home gadgets themselves, but the standard could also have implications for the types of devices people use to control and monitor their smart homes. That in turn could have significant implications for TVs and other entertainment devices.

First, things will get a lot easier. Setting up a smart home can be hard. Trouble-shooting when things break down is even more frustrating. Matter aims to help with a lot of those issues, as Google Home Platform group product manager Anish Kattukaran explained during a recent media briefing.

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