Why Google is Pushing for Open Media Formats [Protocol]

Why Google is Pushing for Open Media Formats [Protocol]


September 22, 2022 | Google is doubling down on open media: The company is getting ready to take on Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision with a pair of royalty-free formats for HDR video and 3D audio, I was first to report yesterday.

Internally known as Project Caviar,this represents one of the most significant efforts to get the industry to adopt open media formats since Google first began investing in the development of video codecs over a decade ago.

  • Project Caviar is based on HDR10+ for video and the Alliance for Open Media’s Immersive Audio Container format for 3D audio.
  • Google wants to strengthen both those efforts with a new umbrella brand that can better compete with Dolby’s branding.
  • The company is looking to establish a dedicated implementer’s forum to get streaming services and hardware makers to adopt the formats and brand.
  • Project Caviar will also be used to bring more immersive media experiences to YouTube, and give people a way to capture and share HDR video and 3D audio without professional tools and equipment.

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