Your 2024 CES Smart TV Cheat Sheet [Lowpass]

Your 2024 CES Smart TV Cheat Sheet [Lowpass]


January 11, 2024 | CES used to be all about big TVs. Every year, television manufacturers would show off new TV sets that were bigger, brighter and supposedly better than last year’s models. That’s still true in 2023, to a degree – TCL just introduced a 115-inch TV – but there’s also been some movement in the opposite direction for the past few years.

Taken aback by audiences that seem perfectly fine watching full movies on their phone screens, TV makers have been increasingly looking to make that big living-room TV less obnoxious. Less of a big black hole when it is turned off, and perhaps even less of a disruption when it is on, but nothing is playing.

For years, TV makers have tried to find ways to effectively make the TV disappear, either by physically hiding it, or by making it blend in with its surroundings. That trend is also on full display at CES 2024 in Las Vegas this week, alongside other interesting updates to the smart TV ecosystem. Here’s a summary of a few things that stood out to me.

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